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Before you leave

Before you leave

Before embarking on a business trip, I check all my apps are up-to-date and all podcasts, audiobooks and music are downloaded so as not to blow out my data plan. I ensure my smartphone is fully charged as well as my slimline battery pack for charging on the go. I use the relevant plane app for checking in, boarding pass, flight details and potential travel changes. It may also have helpful information, such as the destination airport map and rideshare pick-up location. In addition, some airlines have a separate entertainment app – worth checking ahead of boarding.


I ensure all meeting times and locations are in my Google Calendar app, so I can easily use the Google Maps app and also make sure I have a rideshare app that’s available in whichever location I’m heading to. It's also worth mentioning a few travel accessory discoveries I've recently added to my list. Travel compression bags for vacuum squashing clothes, Apple AirTags for bag tracking and a Cabeau neck support pillow to aid with relaxation. If you are going overseas, consider purchasing a prepaid SIM from SimCorner and remember to take a paperclip to swap the sims. With all this in motion, I’m ready for take-off.


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